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Tactical "Truck Armor" Making a Bold Statement

For the ultimate in custom military styling check out this custom kit. This is only one of a huge variety of designs from a company called Fab Fours. If you can imgine it, they have it!

This is one of the most elaborate custom Vehicle Body Armour kits we've seen! The entire kit is designed using state of the art 3D software to ensure precise integration with the vehicle's original factory installation points. The finished designs are then constructed of rugged 11 gauge hardened steel to be an exact fit with all truck brands including Ford, RAM, Chevrolet, GMC, Jeep and others.

The illustration above shows an exploded view of just the front grille and bumper "Grumper" illustrating the level of detail involved in the complete design. The kit can also be powder coated to blend with your truck's existing color scheme. You can visit their full line of items here to learn more.

Additional Details:


  • State of the art custom designs

  • Precision manufactured to precise tolerances

  • Versions are available for a large variety of truck and jeep models

  • Front assembly combines both grille and bumper "Grumper"

  • Fully customizable

  • Side mounting slots and tabs allow for various light options

  • Integrated sensor and camera holes

  • Fab Fours is an industry-leading Truck & Jeep Bumper and Accessories manufacturer dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation in every product they develop


  • Incorporating the entire system can be quite expensive. Full integration of all components with your vehicle can exceed $7k

  • If color matching with your vehicle is desired, expect to pay more

  • Be aware that the added components provide additional weight and could affect performance and gas mileage

Overal Impression:

There is no doubt that Fab Fours is truly at the cutting edge of custom truck add-ons and their designs have been elevated to a level few competitors have been able to reach. However, cutting edge design comes at a cost. With a price point for complete customization and paint exceeding $10k and with added weight comprimizing performance and gas mileage, this product isn't for everyone. Although, if you are looking for a custom design that will boldly stand out among all others in a crowd this package has is no equals! Do you have an experience using Fab Fours products? If so, please feel free to share it with us!


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