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Classic Style Micro Bullet Tail Lights

These micro-sized bullet lenses are reminiscent of the classic car tail lights of the 1950's. Sold in pairs and only 1-3/4" in length , the bullets themselves are housed in highly reflective crystal optic mounts that are nestled within the cnc machined, chromed, and tapered housings giving them a unique modern retro look.

The micro sized lights include built-in circuits that provide each LED with two brightness levels and enables them to be used as running/tail lights, brake lights, and turn signals in one compact assembly. They are also available in all red or all amber for those who prefer to use them as single function lights.

For more information on the Classic Bullet Red and Amber Tail Lights tap here. For more information on the Classic Bullet Red Tail Lights tap here.

MAGNIFYING OPTICS USING AUTHENTIC CRYSTAL LENSES - These lights include clear crystal (glass) magnifying lenses and mirror optics designed to increase the LED brightness up to 10 times brighter than the already super bright 12,000 MCD LEDs provided. Lights are water sealed and contain internal reflectors to direct each LED's light forward and out through the magnifying lens. The results are genuinely dramatic!

MICROLAZERS offers brilliant illumination in a precision-machined package. Use them as tail lights and brake lights, or as side marker lights. Their compact size means more flexibility when choosing a suitable mounting location for your vehicle or bike.


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