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World's Smallest Super Bright LED Tail Lights

Two ultra small high-intensity LED lights (available in red or amber) are installed in highly reflective crystal-optic mounts with the choice of chrome or black powder-coated precision machined outer casings.

With an overall diameter of 5/16", these are extremely small yet still extremely bright and are quite possibly the smallest brake and turn signal lights available anywhere!  These micro sized lights include built-in circuits to provide each LED with two brightness levels. 

MAGNIFYING OPTICS USING CRYSTAL OPTIC LENSES - Lights include clear crystal (glass) magnifying lenses and mirror optics designed to increase the LED brightness up to 10 times brighter than the already super bright 10,000 MCD LEDs provided.

MICROLAZERS offers brilliant illumination in a precision-machined package. Use them as tail lights, brake lights, turn signal lights, or side marker lights. Their compact size means more flexibility when choosing a suitable mounting location for your vehicle or bike.

For information how to purchase these ultra small Micro Minis tap here.


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