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Authentic 50 Caliber Bullets Converted to Motorcycle Tail Lights

The ultimate in re-purposing! Using real 50 caliber shell casings to build custom bullet tail lights, they were specifically made to meet the needs of those looking for that unique one-of a-kind custom accent for their bike.

These 50 CALIBER BULLET MOTORCYCLE BRAKE LIGHTS are made to enhance the look of Harleys and custom choppers of all types. Designed especially for those of us who enjoy high-end customizing and want the best in show quality custom accessories these precision made lights will impress.

Built to the highest production standards, the main assemblies are made from precision machined metals using authentic 50 caliber shell casings.  The frosted lens is made from hard cast, cnc machined, UV resistant crystal clear acrylic and will never yellow. The surface is frosted to maximize visibility at all angles.

High-output electronic LED chips are used to supply an equivalent light output of 100 watts, and are paired with 3 a wire electrical wiring harnesses for a true dual brightness operation. Yes, they are designed to function at two distinct brightness levels (low and high intensity). They are available as brake lights or turn signals. You can pick from two finishes; polished chrome or natural brass. Since each set is hand made and assembled, availability is limited.

If you're looking for a unique custom accessory that will set your bike apart, this set may be exactly what you've been searching for. For more information tap here.


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