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Bullet Style Tail Lights

At first glance, these bullets appear to be made from polished metal. However, when power is applied, they transform into brilliant, wide-angled beams of light. The look is truly impressive!

Micro Bullets are hand built with quality materials including angled mirrors and precision-polished crystal (glass) optics designed to focus the light into a brilliant beam out through the metallic colored lenses.

Because they are designed to fit almost anywhere, you can choose your own mounting location to fit your individual taste. Sold in pairs the micro bullet lights come in a chrome finish with 2 RED ultra high intensity LEDs. This set offers brilliant visibility as brake and running lights in one by including built-in circuits that allows each LED to operate at two brightness levels. These lights are small yet extremely bright!

Lights are also available with your choice of amber or silver or red lenses with a variety of LED colors. To learn more about these lights tap your color choice below.


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