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BORG VR-3 Tail Light

New from Microlazers, the BORG VR-3 is a nickel plated, solid brass custom designed automotive accessory that can definitely enhance the bad-to-the-bone look of most any custom ride! The eyes function as running lights and brake lights in one with the entire assembly designed to install on most any flat to slightly curved surface.

Hand casted and hand polished from solid brass, all 30+ parts that make up the BORG VR-3 are designed to last a lifetime. Internal components are engineered to function flawlessly, and the entire assembly can easily be mounted to most cars, trucks and motorcycles.

Strategically placed slots on either side of the VR-3's temples and lower jaw light up for a halo effect that emphasizes its bad-to-the-bone features. These slots can also serve as turn signal lights as an optional add on.

The BORG VR-3 comes in two distinctive versions; Antique Nickel (shown above) and a distressed Rat Rod look. A few sets are also available for custom orders on request. Here is a short video of the Antique Nickel Prototype before the internal components are installed. It is made of solid brass, nickel plated and then antiqued to add depth.


  • Awesome look and design

  • Individually hand crafted to order

  • Made of solid brass and extremely well engineered

  • Extremely bright high powered LEDs

  • Custom finishes are also available on request

  • Low volume production (you won't see them everywhere you turn)

  • Easy to install


  • Requires drilling small holes for mounting

  • A bit pricey at just under $300, but seems worth it considering the build quality, design originality and low production volumes

  • Standard surface finishes are limited (Antique Nickel and Distressed Rat Rod)

  • Because they are hand assembled and production quantities are low, customers may experience delivery wait times for custom orders.

For information on the BORG VR-3 availability, email us at:

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